Karina Oikonomidou – a young footwear designer graduated from London College of Fashion with BA in Footwear Product Design and Development, 2013. Later acquired a Master of Science in Innovation Entrepreneurship and Management from Imperial College London Business School, 2014.

All Karina IK shoes are carefully designed and handcrafted through meticulous research the designer herself has undergone for months in the famous Marche shoe district of Italy and Northampton – the home of leather and shoe manufacturing in the UK.

“Shoes identify who we are more than we think. It’s an essential accessory that we all need and use for our daily activities. Some pay a lot of attention to shoes and change them regularly some like a style and remain loyal to it  It is a very personal item and can tell the story of one’s identity on its own.”


Raison d’être

“My goal is to create shoes that will first of all have a character, that Karina IK customers will be able to identify with – shoes with personality.”


Karina was born in Armenia with a mix of Greek, Armenian and Russian heritage and grew up constantly moving between countries every 4-5 years. That’s how she developed a sense of blurred lines of identity, nationality and belonging.  She learnt that what makes a person who they are is the story they have lived – the unique journey of discovering oneself.


Karina IK pieces are distinctive of rectangular heel structures influenced by Armenian Geometric shapes that create a very bold view yet remaining feminine and timeless.

Karina IK creations are products of personal reflections and experiences.